Saturday, June 14, 2014

Two Quarterback 2014 Fantasy Football Mock Draft

In my opinion two quarterback fantasy leagues are much more enjoyable than standard leagues. Since I began fantasy football in 2006 my main league has been a two quarterback league with IDP. If you haven't played in a two quarterback league 2014 is a good time to start and try one out!

I recently did two different two quarterback mock drafts. For each draft I picked from the 12th spot and deployed two different strategies. One where I drafted quarterbacks early, and the other where I waited. Let me know in the comments which one you guys think came out the best.

QB: Eli Manning (6), EJ Manuel (7), Joe Flacco (9), Sam Bradford (10)
RB: Arian Foster (1), Montee Ball (2), Toby Gerhart (5)
WR: Julio Jones (3), Antonio Brown (4), Mike Wallace (8), Tavon Austin (12), Markus Wheaton (13), Doug Baldwin (14)
TE: Dennis Pitta (11)
DEF: Cleveland Browns (15)
K: Nick Novak (16)

For years in all of the two QB leagues I did this would be the strategy I would always use. Wait on quarterbacks but load up on them and use them as trade chips throughout the season. However, I honestly think this is the worse of the two drafts. While the running backs and receivers are great, the quarterbacks are horrible all around. Not to mention it would be very hard trying to acquire a top 15 quarterback.

I could possibly use Arian Foster or Montee Ball in a trade for a quarterback and promote Toby Gerhart to the starting lineup.

Or even trade Julio Jones as well and Doug Badwin as my third receiver. In addition to being very high on Mike Wallace, I am also extremely high on Doug Baldwin and think he will be great value this year.

QB: Cam Newton (1), Colin Kaepernick (2), EJ Manuel (9), Josh McCown (10),
Teddy Bridgewater(12)
RB: C.J. Spiller (4), Toby Gerhart (5), Shane Vereen (6)
WR: Brandon Marshall (3), Mike Wallace (7), Jeremy Maclin (8), Markus Wheaton (13),
Doug Baldwin (14)
TE: Charles Clay (12)
DEF: Cleveland Browns (15)
K: Nick Novak (16)

This draft is probably the stronger of the two in my opinion. The starting quarterbacks would both be elite, and while the running backs appear to be weak, I'm very high on Toby Gerhart and Shane Vereen.

Brandon Marshall is a stud as always, and I have Mike Wallace as a top 20 receiver this year so I have no problem with him being my number two. Not to mention, Jeremy Maclin could have a huge year if he could just stay healthy, and I'll continue to beat a dead horse and say Doug Baldwin is going to have a big year. Also, Markus Wheaton is going to step right in Emmanuel Sanders place, and should have no problem replicating the 67 catches, 740 yards and six touchdowns by Sanders in 2013.

At the end of the day, I'll probably target quarterbacks in the first two rounds and potentially try to trade one of them to improve at receiver or running back.

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